AIFMD Depositary - Augentius Depositary Services

AIFMD Depositary - Augentius Depositary Services

What is Behind Augentius’ Excellence?

Any business with high standards has aspirations to be well-known worldwide, but this is not simple to achieve. Irrespective of any obstacles, it is most important that work is provided on time. Augentius (Découvrez le site internet Au-gentius) emphasises supplying quality services that meet all the requirements of their clients. By making use of almost 500 specialists (all of whom work with the same accountancy software) in different regions, total satisfaction is always assured to every single client of Augentius.

The Best AIFMD Depositary: Augentius

Fund management can be a very daunting task: That’s why a dependable fund administration company can optimise your company's finances. All depositary solutions Augentius provides to clients are in conformance with the AIFMD or Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive. Augentius are able to present depositary solutions to help your company conform with AFIMD, also known as the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive.

Working With Augentius: The Benefits

Through the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD), Augentius is able to supply depositary solutions to their customers. An essential requisite for all staff working in the finance industry is an in-depth understanding of Private Equity along with Real Estate Funds. Augentius is blessed with a comprehensive knowledge of the financial industry's many rules. Major corporations are now not able to handle and monitor their growing assets. That's why they seek services that will allow them to have much better asset-handling solutions.

Augentius has joined with KNEIP as part of the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive. KNEIP and the organisation guarantee that up-to-date tech assistance and reporting software are made available to the client following every change made, as regulators change their expectations. Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive is the service required when it comes to sophisticated tech guidance. As guidelines evolve, Augentius' technical team always provides excellent service, such as help and direction through the complicated reporting requirements in Europe.

Augentius urges all of their personnel to attend educational courses, with a mind to their moving forwards in their careers. With the evolution of this enterprise comes improved opportunities for staff enhancement. Augentius supports personnel to further their skills... in turn, contributing to the organisation itself.

Augentius: What We Do

Augentius is a Real Estate and Private Equity administrator with customers worldwide. Whether it's a case of the simple or complex financial matters, a company must have the experience to back up its actions. A company taking care of monetary funds must be able to provide accurate, continuous and high-quality solutions to the clientele with whom it works. Augentius has clientele in more than 95 countries worldwide.

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